How to do cardio exercises at home

How to do cardio exercises at home

How to do cardio exercises at home
How to do cardio exercises at home


Cardio is a great way to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. But sometimes it can be hard to know what kinds of cardio exercises you can do at home, without a treadmill or bike. Luckily, cardio doesn’t have to mean running or cycling! Here are some ideas for getting your heart rate up in the comfort of your own home: Click Here For More:

5 Cardio Exercise you can do at home


1. Jumping jacks


Jumping jacks
Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are an easy exercise you can do at home. Just follow these steps:

1. Stand with your feet together and your arms at your sides.

2. Jump up and open your legs out to the side while clapping your hands overhead.

3. Jump back and return to the starting position.

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2. Squats



Squats are a great exercise for your legs and can be done anywhere with no equipment. To do a squat, start by standing straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms out in front of you.

Bend your knees and lower yourself as if you were about to sit down in a chair until your knees are at a 90-degree angle.

Press up through your heels and return to the starting position. You can do this exercise faster and with weights to make it more challenging.

3. Lunges



Lunges are an exercise that can help you strengthen your legs, core, and glutes.

While lunges can be done with weights or resistance bands, they can also be done without any equipment at all.

To perform a lunge:

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-length apart and your arms at your sides.

2. Step forward with one leg and lower yourself until the front knee is bent at a 90-degree angle. Your back knee should be just off of the ground. Make sure that your front knee does not extend past your toes.

3. Push yourself up from the floor, bringing your legs back together to return to the starting position.

4. Burpees



Burpees are a full-body workout that can be done anywhere.

1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your hands at your sides.

2. Squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you.

3. Jump feet back to a plank position.

4. Jump feet forward, outside of hands.

5. Jump into the air, reaching arms overhead.

Repeat for 30 seconds.

5. Mountain Climbers


Mountain Climbers
Mountain Climbers

You may feel that a good workout is only possible at the gym, but that’s not true! You can do mountain climbers in the comfort of your own living room.

To start, you should get into a push-up position (you can modify this by putting your knees on the floor if necessary).

Bring your right knee forward and toward the right side of your chest, and then return it to its starting point. Immediately bring your left knee forward and toward your chest. Return it to its starting point.

Repeat this, alternating knees quickly for 30 seconds.

This is all you need to do one set of mountain climbers. If you want to add more sets, rest for about 1 minute between each set. You can add up to 3 sets per day.


1. Start in a plank position on the floor, legs extended behind you, resting on your hands.

2. Lift one foot off the ground, and slowly raise your knee as close to your chest as you can. Your back should remain straight; do not let your hips sink or rise.

3. Return to starting position, and repeat with the opposite leg.

4. Continue alternating legs for at least 30 seconds


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