Common diseases that endanger men’s health

Common diseases that endanger men’s health

Common diseases that endanger men's health
Common diseases that endanger men’s health

Common diseases that endanger men’s health

Sexual dysfunction: 

Sexual dysfunction is the most common and most familiar male disease, among which erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation have the greatest impact. In my country, the proportion of male patients with erectile dysfunction is conservatively more than 20%, and the proportion of adults over 40 years old is 30% to 50%.

 Erectile dysfunction is closely related to many chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, etc. It is the early clinical manifestation and risk factor of many chronic diseases.

Chlamydia causes and symptoms

 In my country, the proportion of male patients with premature ejaculation is about 30%. Premature ejaculation is closely related to psychological and other factors. Due to the relatively low awareness of premature ejaculation among the public, the current rate of medical treatment is very low.


Problems related to male reproductive dysfunction and eugenics:

infertile families count is 15% of married families, of which male reasons are 50%. There are many factors that lead to male infertility, mainly environmental pollution, food containing growth-stimulating hormone, radiation, high temperature environment, etc.

affect the quality of semen, resulting in the occurrence of male infertility. In addition to focusing on male infertility, paying attention to male reproductive health plays a vital role in having healthy children.


 In the process of preparing for pregnancy, men need to do a good job in eugenics and prenatal care, maintain good living habits, and provide good sperm for natural fertility in order to truly do well in eugenics.

Prostate disease: In recent years, the incidence of prostate disease has been rising, and it has become a common and frequently-occurring disease in men. Prostate disease is called “men’s cold”. Although it is not as life-threatening as cancer, but because of its many and complex symptoms, it is more tormenting.

Androgen-related diseases: From the middle-aged and old age, due to the gradual aging of body functions and the increase of sub-health conditions, many men suffer from anxiety, fatigue, nervousness, loneliness, insomnia, and decreased sexual ability due to lack of androgen. A group of clinical syndromes manifested, clinically known as andropause syndrome.


Child andrology diseases: Child-related diseases of the male reproductive system are also very common. Abnormal differentiation and development of the gonads at birth lead to gender deformities, such as testicular dysplasia, hermaphroditism, anorchidism syndrome, etc.; congenital diseases of the external genitalia, such as penile diseases: Common concealed penis, prepuce and phimosis, scrotal abnormalities: cryptorchidism, etc.

Men’s psychological related diseases: Psychological factors are of great significance in andrological diseases, and many andrological diseases are derived from psychological factors. Psychological and psychological related scales are also the main tools for the diagnosis of andrological diseases.

In clinical practice, andrologists tend to ignore psychological treatment in diagnosis. Common male sexual dysfunctions, such as erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, abnormal libido, etc., are closely related to psychological factors.

In the treatment of male diseases, the application of the biological-psychological-social medical model should be promoted in order to better patient service.

Promote the andrology discipline as a new interdisciplinary discipline, andrology has made many progresses in the past 20 years, and new technologies for diagnosis and treatment emerge in an endless stream, but the current system still lacks the discipline establishment of andrology.


Men’s Health Management

Andrology and men’s health problems actually run through the whole life cycle of men from childhood to old age. Men’s health management in the whole life cycle includes the prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment and management of andrological diseases of all ages.

Taking the human life cycle as the main line, it provides continuous management and services for men’s health problems at different stages from childhood to old age.

Comprehensive treatment of factors affecting men’s health, according to the characteristics of andrological diseases at different stages, provide health interventions for key groups in key periods, through the model of full-life-cycle men’s health management, to accurately reduce the probability of men’s diseases, and ultimately improve men’s health Overall health, so as to achieve the goals of family happiness and social harmony, and build a healthy world together.

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